Specialised Services with a Difference

Having all your eggs in one basket has its advantages after all, especially reducing cost in an ever changing technology and business environment.




We are proud to offer a turnkey solution to all our clients enabling them to focus on essential business operations. We researched and tested all the latest and familiar favored, techniques and technology to provide you with only the best.

Tailored made to suit your needs and yet your budget also.

Consequently by reducing cost across our Services platform we enable our clients the ability to reduce their cost on administrative and operational services by utilising Corporate Concierge Services (Pty) Ltd. to take care of the nitty gritty.

Therefore this crucial offering allows you our client to therefore increasing your bottom line and for a lot less.

Our Focus is on You

In Addition our specialised focus on Marketing, IT and Human Resources enables you to source a wide range of services from one service provider.

We get to know you as a client and ensure what is important to you, most of all, is important to us. Each business has a unique personality, unique client base and unique employees and hence your uniqueness is why you are so successful.

Most noteworthy knowing your unique attributes we are able to tailor make any service and solution to best suit you the client.


Social Media Management Specialised Services

Specialised Service – Concierge Marketing

VoIP - Specialised Services

Specialised Service – Concierge IT

Payroll Outsourcing - Specialised Services

Specialised Service – Concierge HR